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Our Mission:   The mission of the Minnesota North District of  the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is to further the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and to  assist congregations as Great Commission  churches.

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Dear Co-workers in Christ,

First of all, here is some very exciting news!  Two of our Christian Day Schools have received word from the National Lutheran Schools Accreditation office that they have successfully completed a very thorough and demanding year-long process to become accredited!  Congratulations to Our Savior’s Lutheran School in Crookston and Prince of Peace Lutheran School in St. Cloud!    Their achievement goes directly to what I want to share with you next.

Our Lutheran Day Schools of the Minnesota North District provide a quality education!  This is due largely to the highly dedicated and highly skilled individuals God has blessed each of our schools with who comprise the faculties and staffs of our schools.   God has blessed each of our schools with gifted teachers who are absolutely passionate about providing the highest quality of Christian education they possibly can.  Each of our schools and each of our teachers are blessings to each and all of the children in their classrooms!

That blessing of God goes directly to what I want to share with you next.  Namely, the CROSS Appeal.  The CROSS Appeal provides the opportunity to each and every congregation of our Minnesota North District and within that, to each and every member of those congregations, to have a hand and a part in providing a quality Christ-centered education to all of the children enrolled in one of our Christian Day Schools by sharing a financial gift.  When a gift is given to the CROSS Appeal, that entire gift is then equally divided among our schools.  Each of our schools, in turn, uses your gift to strengthen their school’s educational ministry in a way which otherwise would not have been financially feasible for them.  In essence, each gift to the CROSS Appeal is a blessing from God to each of our schools.  Making it even more personal, each gift to the CROSS Appeal is a blessing from God to each of the children attending our schools!

Please, please, share this with your congregations.  Please, please, give God’s people the opportunity to support the God-given ministry of providing a Christ-centered and grace-filled education to children.  Please also encourage your congregation to do this as a whole by including the CROSS Appeal in the work program and budget.

Finally, with this letter I want to express my personal words of thanks to our gracious Lord for giving me the opportunity to serve the Minnesota North District in the role of a mission and ministry facilitator these past 12 years.  He has greatly blessed me during this time through you and the congregations you serve, and for those blessings I am thankful.  

In service to Christ,

Pastor Dave Strohschein

Mission and Ministry Facilitator

Minnesota North District - LCMS