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Our Mission:   The mission of the Minnesota North District of  the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod is to further the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and to  assist congregations as Great Commission  churches.

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News from the 2015 Minnesota North District Convention

Beginnings and Greetings

After Dr. Raabe's opening devotion, Pres. Don Fondow officially opened the 2015 Minnesota North District Convention.  He thanked all the delegates for their service and prayed for the District's unity during the convention.


Ben Thuringer of Madden's Resort welcomed the convention delegates and thanked them for being their first guests of the season.  

The mayor of Brainerd, the honorable James Wallin, also brought greetings to the delegates from the city of Brainerd and thanked them for coming.  He is a member of Zion Lutheran Church in Brainerd.

Opening Devotion—Our Confidence in the LORD

Rev. Dr. Paul Raabe, a Professor at Concordia Seminary in St Louis, served as convention Bible Study leader and  opened our time together with a study on Isaiah. Along with sharing the historical context of the book, he highlighted the way in which Isaiah still speaks to us about the confidence we have in the Lord.  

Convention Essayist

Dr. Adam Francisco, Associate Professor of History and Political Thought at Concordia University, Irvine, CA, serves as the Convention Essayist. He began with an informative discussion on “worldview.”
Worldview can be defined as the lens through which people interpret and perceive reality. Worldview determines what a person holds as “truth” - what a person assumes to be true about reality and how he perceives his experiences and the world.

Convention Attendance Statistics

Rev. Ron Carnicom, chairman of the Committee on Registration, Credentials and Attendance gave the following report on attendance at this convention as of 1:00pm:


Pastoral Voting Delegates: 110 (out of 134 possible)  

Lay Delegates: 125 (out of 161)

Total Voting Delegates: 235


From the Board of Directors, four were present.  Eight Advisory pastors, twenty-seven pastors emeriti, fourteen commissioned workers, six emeriti commissioned workers, five office staff, six guests (including speakers), and thirty-three additional guests were present  for a total of 338 attendees.  A quorum was established.